Sample Research Questions

We are available to consult on a wide array of finance and real estate projects. We specialize in being able to answer questions traditionally thought to be unanswerable. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sample Research Questions/Who Benefits

Lenders: As a national lender, we would like to know how to best identify strategic defaulters and then learn how to reduce their incentive to default on their mortgage. What is the best type of workout solution in terms of reducing the future incidence of homeowner strategic default?

Attorneys: The local utility company says they need to stretch power lines across the back corner of my property. What impact will this have on my client’s property’s value?

Real Estate Agents: Real estate agents debate whether it is best to sell a home that is empty (because the rooms look so much larger) or decorated (because this makes it easier for potential homebuyers to picture themselves in the home). Can you test which approach results in a higher selling price and shorter time on the market?

As a real estate agent, I want to achieve the highest selling price for my client’s home while minimizing time on the market. Some agents suggest I price the house at $300,000, while others suggest it is best to list the home at $299,000. Does “charm pricing” really make a difference?

Individual Investors: As an investor, I’ve often heard it said that people are overconfident and that this causes them to make less than ideal investment decisions. How can I avoid this pitfall and make better choices in the future?

Builders/Manufacturers: My company sells environmentally-friendly cabinets and wants to know if they cause higher home values once installed. Can you measure the payoff to installing our “green” cabinetry as opposed to other non-environmentally friendly types of wood products?

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