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Strategic Forbearance – 05062020 – All

Strategic Forbearance – 05062020 – Synopsis

REE – Asymmetric Dominance and Its Impact on Mortgage Default Deficiency Collection Efforts

Decoy Effect – Dec 2018 JREFE – ACCEPTED Version

Search Benefit in Housing Markets – An Inverted U-Shaped Price and TOM Relation

Fear Shame and Guilt – Economic and Behavioral Motivations for Strategic Default

Do Liquidated Damages Clauses Affect Strategic Mortgage Default Morality – A Test of the Disjunctive Thesis

The Effect of Exogenous Signal Strength on Herding

Perceived Versus Actual Susceptibility to Normative Influence in the Presence of Defaulting Landlords

Prospect Theory and the Housing Market

Using Neurological Evidence to Differentiate Between Information and Social Herding among Strategic Mortgage Defaulters

Toward an Understanding of Real Estate Behavior – An Application of Ocular Tracking Technology

The Benefit of Search in Housing Markets

Real Asset Ownership and the Risk and Return to Stockholders

Real Estate Returns and Inflation – An Added Variable Approach

Regret Aversion and False Reference Points in Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Prices – A Room With a View

Strategic Mortgage Default in the Context of a Social Network – An Epidemiological Approach

Mortgage Modification and the Decision to Strategically Default – A Game Theoretic Approach

Lender Characteristics and the Neurological Reasons for Strategic Default

Hyperbolic Discounting Reference Dependence and its Implications for the Housing Market

Do as I say Not as I Do – The Role of Advice versus Actions in the Decision to Strategically Default

Are REIT Returns Hedgeable

Did the Recent Financial Crisis Impact Integration Between the Real Estate and Stock Markets

ETF Short Shares – The Next Stage in the Evolution of REIT Ownership – Copy

Mathematical Derivations and Practical Implications for the Use of the Black-Litterman Model

REIT Performance and Lines of Credit

A Search for the Genetic Contributors to Strategic Mortgage Default – The Catechol-O-Methyltransferase COMT Gene

Calibrating the Inputs of Optimal Portfolios using CME Housing Futures

Can Private Real Estate Portfolios Be Rebalanced-Diversified Using Equity REITs

Contingent Choice Behavioral Models in the Presence of Informational Uncertainty

Cross-Border Investment and Firm Liquidity

Decomposing Underwriting Spreads for GSEs and Frequent Issuer Financial Firms

Behavioral Finance and its Implications in the use of the Black-Litterman Model

Are EREITs Real Estate

Understanding the Far-Reaching Societal Impact of Strategic Mortgage Default

Diversification Issues in Real Estate Investments

Determinants of the Strategic Mortgage Default Cumulative Distribution Function

Realistic Portfolio Allocation Decision-Making for the Small U.S. Retail Investor

The Effect of Listing Price Strategy on Transaction Selling Prices

The Effect of Perceived Lender Characteristics and Market Conditions on Strategic Mortgage Defaults

The Impact of Geographic and Cultural Dispersion on Information Opacity

The Paradox of Judicial Foreclosures – Collateral Value Uncertainty and Mortgage Rates

Price Signals and Uncertainty in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Mimetic Herding Behavior and the Decision to Strategically Default

Listing Agent Signals Does A Picture Paint a Thousand Words

Financial Opacity and Firm Performance – The Readability of REIT Annual Reports

Exploring the Foreclosure Contagion Effect Using Agent-Based Modeling

A Neurological Explanation of Strategic Mortgage Default

Advisor Choice in Asia-Pacific Property Markets

Capital Structure and Political Risk in Asia-Pacific Real Estate Markets

Deriving Optimal Portfolios for Hedging Housing Risks

Do Investors Infer Vocal Cues from CEOs During Quarterly REIT Conference Calls

Real Estate Agent Target Marketing – Are Buyers Drawn Towards Particular Real Estate Agents?

The Effect of Pricing Strategy on Home Selection and Transaction Prices – An Investigation of the Left-Most Digit Effect

The Impact of Staging Conditions on Residential Real Estate Demand

The Effect of Listing Strategy on Real Estate Negotiations – An Experimental Study

Power Lines and Perceived Home Prices – Isolating Elements of Easement Rights and Noise Pollution

Ocular Tracking and the Behavioral Effects of Negative Externalities on Perceived Property Values

Familiarity Bias and the Status Quo Alternative

The Role of Informational Uncertainty in the Decision to Strategically Default

The Perceived Moral Reprehensibility of Strategic Mortgage Default

Household Tenure Choice and Housing Price Volatility Under a Binding Home-Purchase Limit Policy Constraint

Familiarity Bias and Perceived Future Home Price Movements

Forward and Falsely Induced Reverse Information Cascades

Latin Hypercube Sampling and the Identification of the Foreclosure Contagion Threshold

Mental Accounting and False Reference Points in Real Estate Investment Decision Making

Mitigating Investor Risk-Seeking Behavior in a Down Real Estate Market

Do Institutional and Individual Investors Differ in Their Preference for Financial Skewness

Understanding the Prevalence and Implications of Homeowner Money Illusion

Can Agents Influence Property Perceptions Through Their Appearance and Use of Pathos

Asymmetric Dominance and Its Impact on Mortgage Default Deficiency Collection Efforts

Perceived Lender Characteristics and Strategic Default